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Meet Juxtagames

As of January 2019, I have created a new Limited Liability Corporation called Juxtagames, LLC. The entity and status information can be found by visiting the State of Utah's Division of Corporations and Commercial Code Business Search Index and then enter "Juxtagames" in the search field.

The word "juxta" is a term from the Latin iuxta, meaning: alongside or parallel. So, in the case of Juxtagames, this means games of a similar type.

Juxtagames will be my spearhead into the roleplaying world of authoring, design, development, and publishing. Under the Juxtagames banner, I plan to publish my own Dungeons & Dragons adventures, supplements, campaigns, worlds, and even my own RPG systems.

In fact, I am currently developing an all-new multi-genre Open-Access RPG Framework called JuxtaNine or Juxta9. Open-access material is defined as “digital, online, free of charge, and free of most copyright and licensing restrictions.” In other words, the core rules and game mechanics shall be free to utilize as-written --AND-- free to modify as you see fit, even creating your own version of the rules for self-publication or use with your own campaign worlds.

To follow Juxtagames, you can visit our website, development platform, or one of the following social sites ...